Artful Expressions

Artful Expressions Needed!

Dr. Echenberg's office is gearing up for some renovations. We would love to have artful expressions by yours truly, our patients, to hang on the walls of our treatment center. If you have any paintings, drawings, images, sculptures, or anything else artful and expressive, we would love to show it off! Artists are welcome to use our walls as an art gallery. You may post a small note about yourself, the artful expression, and how much you are selling it for (if you want to sell it). Furthermore, we will post your art on our website. We are looking to expand our "Patient Creativity" section of the website dedicated to the art created by our patients in an effort to express and release their experience of chronic pelvic pain.

Call or Email today for more information at

We look forward to sharing your art with the world!

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