"Pain is in the Brain" and the "Neuro-biology of Emotions"

Dr. Allan Basbaum from the University of California San Francisco gives excellent lecture on some of the newest neuro-science on how pain is processed and rationales for different modalities of treatment. This lecture is over 1 hour but very enlightening in regards to why we have to treat chronic pelvic pain not only from the "bottom up" - but also from the "top down".


1.  Click here for video on lecture:  Pain is in the Brain


2.  Click here for another excellent video lecture sponsored by Google:  The Neurobiology of Emotions       -     This talk  is by Phillipe Goldin, PhD from Stanford University and ties in the huge cross connections between emotions and how the biology of brain function tie cumulative experiences in humans to emotions and interpretations of pain signals.  This lecture is part of a series of technology lectures by Google to educate millions of people on the "cutting edges" of science.  



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